All Ohio Katmasters

  catfish tournament trail


ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK! All Ohio Katmasters holds no liability.

Teams must complete, and sign the registration/release form to compete.

Teams must consist of 1 or 2 people.

Teams are allowed to fish from shore, or in a boat.

Entry fee is $40 per team, Plus optional $5 big fish, optional $5 flathead.

Sign in will be from 7am-7:50am for day events, and Iron Mans. Night event sign-in are from 7pm-7:50pm.

2 rod limit per person, you may have extras for back up.

All teams will be livewell checked before the start of an event.

2 man teams are allowed a 3rd person, under 16, and over 65 for no additional charge. In this situation, there is still a limit of 4 rods.

1 man teams are allowed 1 channel cat over 28in, and 1 blue cat over 35in. 2 and 3 man teams are allowed 2 channel cats over 28in, and 2 blue cats over 35in.

Fish must be a MINIMUM of 15in long.

Flatheads will be weighed as a side pot, which is an accumulating pot. The first team to bring a flathead to the scale wins the pot. If there is more than 1 brought to the scale, the biggest by weight will win the pot.

DO NOT bring dead fish to the scale, only LIVE channels, blues, and flatheads will be weighed.

Pre-fishing an event is allowed, and must end 12 hours before the start of an event.

Teams are allowed on the water the day of an event, for the purpose of catching bait, after they have been signed in(must be back by 7:50 for meeting)

Fish must be caught by rod and reel ONLY! No trot lines, limb lines, jug lines, etc.

Communication between teams is considered cheating, and will result in disqualification.

Boat teams must leave 100ft between them and another team, shore teams are allowed 25ft between partners, and 50ft between you and another shore team.

Cheating, drugs, alcohol, etc will not be tolerated! Any proof of this will result in a disqualification.

Weigh in will start promptly 15 minutes after said ending time, teams not in line will be disqualified.

Stringers may be used, and will be put through the lower jaw, fish must be off the stringer before being put on the scale.

In the event that no fish are caught, all fees will be rolled over to the next event.

Any legal bait is allowed, be it natural, or commercial.

Teams are allowed to bring 6 fish to the scale(channels, and blues.)

There will be penalty’s assessed for under length, over length, dead fish, etc.

Teams must comply with all federal/state fishing, and boating laws.

Tournaments are catch and release, teams must release their fish after they have been weighed.

All Ohio Katmasters reserves the right to postpone and/or cancel an event due to extreme weather and/or water conditions.